Pilot 15HM

Pilot 15HM is a tube head based on a vintage famous circuit that develops 15 watts of power (RMS). Based on two 6L6valves this amp is designed to reproduce the warm vintage sound of the beginning of the electric guitar world. Its sound clean and clear in the warm crunch is characterized by the ability to fully exploit the power of the valves.

As with other KLD products, this head also provides integrated Direct output connection that allows you to record in directly to the mixing desk, spring reverb with dedicated control switch and bright and normal selector. The ability to switch between the two rear channels is guaranteed from the finger grip connected to an external foot-switch to be used in conjunction with your favorite external effects connected to the socket send/return.

Front Panel

Back Panel


  • 15 watts (rms) 4,8 ohms
  • Tube:Two 6l6 and two 12AX7’s
  • Standby
  • Out speaker jack: 4ohm, 8ohm,16ohm.2x8ohm, 2x16ohm
  • Hi-Lo impedance inputs
  • Controls: Gain, Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
  • Booster/Normal SW
  • Bright/Normal SW
  • Spring reverb with control
  • XLR out (DI out) for recording.
  • FX loop
  • 15 to 7.5w switch
  • FS jack
  • Power transform: 108 watt
  • Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V
  • polypropylene film/foil


36(L)x20(W)x27(H)CM(14.3″x7.9″x10.6″) (Unpacked) 60(L)x32(W)x34(H)CM(23.6″x12.6″x13.4″)(Packed)



Pilot 15HM with 112C Cabinet